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Ramadan Kareem

Designer by trade. Communications enthusiast at heart.

My graphic design background exposed me to the world of typography, but it was mainly my Arabic calligraphy training that steered my vocation towards type design. This art form continues to be a constant source of inspiration for all the letterforms I create, as well as a guide to good typography. 


After moving from Beirut to London, I have had the chance to work on a variety of exciting projects, from logos and typefaces to editorial and web design, helping international and local companies communicate in Arabic.

I'm also a proud member of Alphabettes.

August Arabic Calligraphy
September Arabic Calligraphy
October Arabic Calligraphy
December Arabic Calligraphy
February Arabic Calligraphy
March Arabic Calligraphy
April Arabic Calligraphy
May Arabic Calligraphy

The month series started in August 2016 with a simple calligraphic layout of the word 'August' flipped symmetrically and photographed on a random street in London as a way to welcome a much beloved month. I spent the following month in California and another calligraphy for the word 'September' seemed like the best souvenir to take back with me. And so I found myself welcoming every month with a new calligraphy, in some part of London or wherever I would find myself at the time.

Printed calendar coming soon

In 2015, I started a blog to document my daily calligraphy exercises. I had 20 days before my flight to Beirut, so I'd practice a letter each day. 

I would repeat it on a single page, as I used to do during my calligraphy classes when I was still in Beirut. Then I'd explain the process behind each constituent stroke.

Eventually, the blog developed into a thorough documentation of the anatomy of Arabic letters, as well as the rules underlying the Naskh style of calligraphy.

The blog, 'For the Love of Letters', is helpful for anyone looking to practice calligraphy in their own time.

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