“Type is a beautiful group of letters, 

not a group of beautiful letters.”  Matthew Carter


Creative typesetting with 3 character sets

 for the calligrapher in each of us

arabic calligrahy font animation

Aura: A digital interpretation of two classical calligraphy scripts, Naskh and Thuluth.

Arabic font full character set

Boutros Aura is a calligraphic style that merges features from different classical Arabic scripts to create a contemporary, elegant typeface. 

The typeface borrows the proportions of Thuluth, a classical style conceived for monumental inscriptions, and the aesthetics of Naskh, the style used for transcribing books and documents.

This stylistic fusion makes Aura a suitable headline companion for body text set in Naskh-based typefaces.

From the first pen stroke on paper in 2014 to the last digital stroke on the computer in 2017, the style was meticulously digitised to emulate the calligrapher’s attention to detail. 

Boutros Aura comes with a standard character set along with two extra stylistic sets, giving typographers and designers a higher level of flexibility when typesetting and designing in Arabic.

400 letter shapes created for 29 letters for creative, flexible and fun typesetting.

Some shapes are substituted by default based on the letter’s sequence in the word - for optimal readability.

Other shapes can be substituted upon your request - for optimal creativity.

Arabic font contextual and optional alternate shapes



Almarai  -  Corporate font for MENA’s largest dairy company 

MBC Shahid  -  Web font for the video-on-demand platform

KIB  -  Corporate font for Kuwait International Bank

Al-Jazirah  -  Headline font for the daily Saudi newspaper

All typefaces developed by Boutros Fonts.

Fonts Available Online:

Boutros Almond  -  2018

Boutros Asma  -  2015

Boutros News H1  -  2015 

Custom typefaces are one powerful way for brands to distinguish themselves as they communicate with their stakeholders. They also help brands cater to different communication channels and electronic devices. Since 2014, I have had the chance to design a diverse range of typefaces, from traditional to modern, for leading companies in the Middle East.

Arabic font modern - humanist


Text | Screen

Arabic font modern - geomtric


Display | Screen

Arabic font traditional - naskh


Headline | Newspaper


Designed for the web, optimised for small screens

for everyone to use

Tajawal is available as an open source font in Google Fonts’ library, serving more than 20,000 Arabic websites since 2018. 

tajawal google font

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